Biography is the writing of life.

A new line of ineffable fragrances from groundbreaking conceptual artist Anicka Yi, Biography uses scent to challenge traditional notions of femininity and subjectivity.

Through olfaction, the Biography series invokes characters buried in history for refusing these limitations and posits a future where all femmes are connected in a fluid network. Disrupting the “natural” by means of mutation and hybridized intelligence, Biography represents the power to write one’s life, beyond one’s biology.

Each Biography bottle combines molecular, animal, and industrial elements, in a testament to Yi's acclaimed sculptural vocabulary. A lifelong dream for Yi, who is internationally known to incorporate a variety of sensorial elements in her expansive and multidisciplinary artistic practice, Biography acts as an extension of the artist’s research and fascination with scents.

Hailed by The New York Times as "inventing a new kind of conceptual art," Anicka Yi is the winner of the 2017 Hugo Boss Prize and corresponding solo exhibition at the Guggenheim museum. Yi's artistic practice fuses fashion, sculpture, artificial intelligence and synthetic biology to create lush and provocative multi-sensory experiences.